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      Introduction to Journal of Harbin Engineering University Journal of Harbin Engineering University, initially published in 1980 (monthly), supervised by the Ministry of Industry and Information, hosted by Harbin Engineering University, is a comprehensive academic scientific and engineering journal published at home and abroad. The journal is characterized by ¡°SNO+N" (ship industry, naval equipment, ocean development, and nuclear energy application), it also publishes academic papers in the fields of power, energy, control, communication, electromechanical, computer, material and chemistry, reflecting the latest scientific research results at the forefront of the discipline.

      The Journal of Harbin Engineering University has received many honors such as the Excellent Science and Technology Periodical Award of the Ministry of Industry and Information, the Excellent Periodical Award of the Provincial Government of Heilongjiang Province, the High-quality Sci-tech Journal Award of China Colleges and Universities, the First Prize of China¡¯s On-line Excellent Journal of Science and Technology in China and the China¡¯s Top 100 Sci-tech Periodical Awards of China Colleges and Universities. It is one of Chinese Core Periodicals, and the Core Chinese Science and Technology Periodicals, and has been recorded by many important databases at home and abroad including Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), the American Engineering Index (EiCompendex) and the Scopus database of the Netherlands. National Publication No.: CN 23-1390/ U , International Publication No.: ISSN 1006-7043 Post Issue Code.: 14-111 Foreign Issue Code: MO5279

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